Turkey takes Misrata. When is Lampedusa?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Our readers are aware that, for some years now, an Italian hospital has been “operational” in the city of Misurata, the structure is located near the airport.

Well, according to the agreement signed in Tripoli, last Monday, between the Turkish defense minister Akar, that of Qatar al-Attyha and the premier al-Sarraj, Turkey will have a part of the Misrata port concession for 99 years. Also based on the same agreement, the Ankara Air Force will be able to use the al-Watya air base, in western Tripolitania. Qatar will finance, together with the Turks, the reorganization of the Libyan army.

Obviously now the Italians are too many in Misurata, in fact, already last week, there was a request (or rather the diktat) to move the hospital structure, with the contingent in tow, to the capital Tripoli (since now they are not needed more like human shields (v.articolo) against the attacks of Haftar's militias).

The Turks will thus be able to extend their influence also in the western Mediterranean and will be able to control migratory flows directed towards Italy. In fact, Tripolitania becomes a Turkish-Qatari protectorate but above all a suitable space for the proliferation of Muslim brothers.

With this agreement, Italy is, after more than a century, officially ousted from Libya. The Conte governments (one and two) have not been able to set up a minimum of political / military initiative, instead seeking useless help from international organizations and conferences.

The question we are asking now is this: if Erdoğan were to consider the island of Lampedusa to be of strategic interest for Turkey, what would prevent him from occupying it?

Photo: presidency of the republic of Turkey