Can the simple (pissed) wisdom of a worker be replicated in the military world?

(To Andrea Cucco)

Leaving the airport I am walking along the sidewalk to reach the car when I observe a singular scene between ground workers ... The one at the back - red in the face - yells at two others while he is pushing a long line of trolleys that in several places overlap instead of flowing smoothly.

"And then stop going whining at the bosses. You are always asking for permits, overtime or the extra 5 euros ... but look at the stuff they make us work with! Of this? Trouble complaining ??? ". Enraged, he grabs and shakes one of the trolleys along the serpentine with the various humps which - obviously badly designed - wobbles but does not return.

Colleagues, embarrassed, are unable to whisper anything more than "you're right".

Since we all often see the collection of trolleys at any supermarket, it was clear that something was wrong there. The anomaly, however, was not in the previous poor selection (who knows how disinterested ...) of a work tool, but that someone complained!

The question that I ask myself therefore when thinking about Defense is: It is possible that in a period of war, in which one day could really count numerous victims among the servants of the state, the "trade union" claims (now competing also in the military field) must almost always turn to salaries, overtime, recoveries, indemnities … And almost never the too many useless, poor or even dangerous equipment with which you have to work?

Photo: Italian Army