"The blood of yesterday, the purity of the present, the hope in tomorrow"

(To Andrea Cucco)

"It is the Italian flag - under which the country united during the lockdown - the protagonist of a particularly significant anniversary for our country: on 4 November, in fact, the First World War ended." - With these words, the Ministry of Defense celebrates today's anniversary.

On the day of rhetoric, of fine words, of good and good politicians, I don't want to add sugar to honey or salt to wounds.

However, I remember the words that the company commander said to me exactly thirty years ago, passing under the Tricolor of the barracks: "The blood of yesterday, the purity of the present, the hope of tomorrow ".

IThe blood of yesterday? At that time it was indisputable and soon more would have been poured ... Today, however, my country always seems to observe helpless that of others.

The purity of the present? It left me perplexed then that the first Republic was at the end, today, thinking about our foreign policy, only one White flag.

Hope for tomorrow? If then a minimum of optimism was possible, given the news, di green only the economic condition of Italy comes to me.

But then I remember that in our history the tricolor has been a beacon, in pride and despair, in cialtroneria and redemption, in defeats and victories. Despite everything, despite everyone.

Who knows if a real "Victory Day" would not do well for this country?

Photo: Defense Online