Will Minister Guido Crosetto be able to defend the armed forces and defense companies from their worst enemy?

(To Andrea Cucco)

Potentially he is the best defense minister of the last century: shrewd and prepared he will not need people who whisper in the shadows or who, smiling, take the "politician on duty" for a ride to know what is (really) best for the country .

I remember the regret of those who, several years ago, having worked closely with Undersecretary Crosetto (2008-2011), regretted that period, very hard and without discounts but extremely motivating.

The question, however, is not "who" is the minister but "where" Guido Crosetto will return today.

The Defense would be in perfect condition for a period of peace in which, in light of the "dual" use, many soldiers can afford the luxury of appearing "ministerial in uniform".

We are at war, willy-nilly, rightly or wrongly, whether the Chambers have deliberated it or not. After hearing the alarm on February 24th, we continued to sleep. Too many "5 more minutes" made us doze off.

No wonder. Decades of rhetorical speeches, cuts in personnel, training and equipment, but also constant slaps in every international confrontation in which a minimum of pulse should have been shown, have reduced our (will to) deterrence to a minimum.

As far as the industry is concerned, we certainly do not want to explain to the president of the AIAD (federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security) what one cannot not know: one cannot "excel" indefinitely without selling one's products on a growing and competitive market. You have to have the courage to leave your little safe haven and discover that there is a sea of ​​opportunities.

If the Italian logic will still be that of "getting by" by trimming today what the Armed Forces needed the day before yesterday, there is no future. If the "business strategists" are still the most loyal (incompetent) of the trumpets in the elections we can also close them immediately.

There is a war less than 700 kilometers from our eastern border. There is no time to waste if you really want to end the violence. Peace is reached when - strong - one talks with the wolves. The sheep have no escape in the diplomatic field, at most they are "pardoned" to be torn apart later, as needed.

The Ministry of Defense, whether we like it or not, is no longer of secondary importance: any foreign policy, any energy policy, any diplomatic policy, without military credibility will be a flop.

Good work, therefore, Minister Crosetto! Remember that your first task, if you really want to make the change that Italy needs, will be to defend the armed forces and companies ... from themselves!