Fincantieri: controversy and armchairs. A new son at the helm?

(To Andrea Cucco)

For over a month, the news concerning Fincantieri, the most important shipbuilding group in Europe, has been in two areas: controversies and armchairs.

The first are the result of the now well-known telephone call in which the former Prime Minister D'Alema affirms "We are convinced that we will all receive 80 million euros", registered ("illegally") on the fringes of a brokerage for a rich contract with the Colombian Defense. Massimo D'Alema distanced himself from the interpretation provided by some and in more than one interview, including Repubblica, he explained that he had not mi got one euro, not aver contracts with noneo, and that for him was important to make Leonardo and Fincantier achieve a resulti.

The trust to be placed in D'Alema must be truly blind when he states: "temo that all this clamor will have the only effect of causing Italian companies to lose a 5-star order billions ". Remembering similar Indian helicopter experiences, how not to blame him!

When we talk about public (or state-controlled) companies, national reputation is at stake. This value has been, however things go, compromised.

In these days, the highest positions of Fincantieri are in the process of being renewed. The predestined or otherwise favored candidates for top positions seem to have all been directly or indirectly involved in theAffair Colombian.

Now, by tradition, names welcome to parties, consortiums or ... "other" will prevail.

After termination experience of the assignment of cExtraordinary commissioner for the COVID emergency to General Figliuolo, why not repeat the formula? Could a soldier with experience in the sector not ruin the (finally positive) results of Fincantieri's last year, discipline it and bring the high trust placed by citizens in the Armed Forces as a dowry?

Photo: Marina Military