It was Draghi, but will the old politics win?

(To Andrea Cucco)

During the next council of ministers, the choice of the new Army Chief of Staff should be made. The conditional is a must because it would seem that the decision has already been made long since.

Will the prime minister therefore have to confirm a preference of others? So it seems and there is nothing to blame, it is tradition.

But we don't want to provide any more pain or doubt at a time when a ray of sunshine finally seems to tear through dark clouds.

We then list the candidates in the running, attaching the links to the curricula published on the Defense portals, and leaving each reader the freedom to form the opinion he believes.

  • In pole position, the general Pietro Serino (in the photo on the left): current head of cabinet of Minister Lorenzo Guerini, comes from the broadcasting weapon (see curriculum).
  • In second position, the general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo (in the photo in the center): logistic commander of the Army, is a mountain artillery officer (vand the curriculum).
  • In third position, the general Luciano Portolano (in the photo on the right): commander of the Joint Forces Operations Command, Bersagliere (see curriculum).

The decision now rests with the council of ministers. The Man who is placed in charge of the Army will most likely become Chief of Defense after the summer.

Still in full Covid emergency, with contingents employed in unprecedented operating theaters abroad, and on the eve of the inevitable international tensions due to the world economic Tsunami (let's re-read any history book ...), the new government is already making a not easy choice: could rule on which leader he will lead effectively the Armed Forces in the coming years.

After a few months we have all had experience of "formal" commissioners. And we're still counting the dead ...

To whom will the Draghi government entrust the defense of our country?

You, who would you entrust it to?