Defense: adequate undersecretaries for a trained minister or ... the usual logic?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

With the appointment of Guido Crosetto, to the defense department, after many years, Italy has a minister responsible for what concerns the Armed Forces. The criticism of his previous position as president of AIAD, the Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security, and therefore the occurrence of a conflict of interest, appear entirely spurious.

Crosetto first resigned from this post, and it should also be remembered that the Italian defense companies are in effect subsidiaries of the state, so much so that the managing directors are chosen by the government in office.

However, the crucial point is that we have a Minister of Defense capable of understanding the urgent need to have efficient Armed Forces (and effective), able to face the next international crises, which will unfortunately be very different from those seen up to now. A minister who when called to review the modernization programs will be able to evaluate (and hope) which will be the functional ones and which ones which instead will only constitute a waste of funds.

For too long the dicastery of via XX Settembre has been considered solely as a box to be filled, the result of the logic of dividing seats between the majority parties, thus causing considerable damage to our military apparatus, both in terms of personnel training and adaptation of the means.

Obviously Crosetto will need an adequate staff in order to be able to perform his function as minister in the best possible way. In these days the appointments of the undersecretaries to the ministries are being decided. Also in this case, the past executives made appointments not on the basis of skills and competence but as positions to be bestowed on the basis of the compensation that the parties claimed. Such work it has brought to the Defense people who are not always qualified and often indifferent to problems Really of our Armed Forces. Undersecretaries more distracted in issuing communications on any subject (mainly in support of himself or the party to which he belongs), rather than careful in verifying the conditions of the equipment and armament supplied to our soldiers.

There is therefore no doubt that the new minister needs to make use of trained undersecretaries, who know how to distinguish a busway Centaur from a VCC Dart. It would also be advisable to name three, each responsible for following an armed force (a sort of secretary as happens in the United States), to understand their functioning, needs and the contribution they can give to the country system.

The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni he often spoke of competence, we hope then that, in a fundamental ministry for the nation such as Defense, we will not have to miss it.

Photo: Ministry of Defense

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