Online Defense: end of madness?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The adventure of a magazine that had immediately proposed itself again has reached its tenth year to spread a "culture of defence" no longer as a niche phenomenon but as a popular reality, usable by all.

Opposed by those who believed that such a miracle could never/should have been achieved, with constant and tenacious work, Online Defense he did his part.

For many reasons, months ago, we came to the conclusion that the work was, albeit effective and highly appreciated, useless: the truth, when uncomfortable, is tenaciously opposed.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”Einstein argued.

Were we crazy? We have tried to change shadows of our (self-styled) democracy, but we like to think we have done it in the other "version", that of a famous and late computer scientist.

14 million pages read in 2022 make it clear the approval obtained by Online Defense. In the last month we have been literally inundated with certificates of esteem and invitations to do not give up.

We decided to follow your advice to continue and "fight". We will do it with even greater determination because we are confident that, together with you (over 3 million last year), we will be able to make free information a positive tool for growth and pride, in favor of our fellow citizens, in uniform or not, for the good of our country.

Photo: US DoD