Five names to protect

(To Francesco Bergamo)

The attack in Iraq on our special forces highlighted the Italian media fragility: the names of the five involved were disclosed.

Very serious error, because very few hours have passed, not even the canonical hours 24 from communication to families. Such a tight time highlights that the protection of the names of members of the special forces is not so strict.

Providing names means exposing the injured and their families to a series of additional problems to be solved. It is not by providing the names of the men involved that they are honored or helped to heal serious impairments, but they are only helped by guaranteeing them the right privacy and the right logistical and psychological support with the true and concrete intervention of the State. 

Be aware that providing the names of members of the special forces is never productive because tracing back to the others in the group could be easy. Furthermore, the individual can be exposed to psychological pressures at a time needs everything except for other problems.

It is my personal opinion that the names should have been disclosed only with the consent of the interested parties and at least six months later.

Online Defense will always observe this rule to protect the true servants of the Fatherland.

Photo: SMD archive