Who really killed General Graziano?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The president of Fincantieri, General Claudio Graziano, was found dead yesterday - according to evidence of suicide - in his home in Rome.

Much has already been written but I want to share some memories with a video, highlight one of his phrases and formulate a personal consideration.

I had the opportunity to interview the general as chief of defense staff (video below), and I certainly have positive memories of the meeting. What struck me, however, were his final words at the time of the next changeover with his colleague Vecciarelli: "Dear Enzo, I give you the baton of command, but also the solitude of command..."

Is whoever is in command in Italy alone? Unfortunately yes! When a System rewards and encourages only obsequiousness and yesmanism in staff, both military and civilian, managers will always be alone, especially in the toughest moments, public and private.

I take back the words I wrote six years ago: Dear general, do not remain alone in command, we are (distant) heirs of a people whose commanders marched, fought and suffered in the mud together with their soldiers. They were never, in any situation, "alone".

Will logic and dynamics change before the entire country becomes the next victim?

Images: Online Defense