Have a good trip, Antonello!

(To Francesco Bergamo)

After a courageous fight against disease, Antonello Tiracchia left us. Eclectic and histrionic embedded.

I met Antonello during the Media Tour in Lebanon in the Christmas of 2009. It all started with the flight that left Bologna in the middle of a snow storm. Like in the best adventure films. What seemed like a normal trip to embedded instead it proved to be a testament to his great personality and human sense.

Tiracchia was an all-round artist: director and photographer with a keen eye, beautiful pen and talented graphic designer. Its many of the covers of Venditti records. He has shot documentaries all over the world. 

He left an endless documentary activity to young people because he wanted them to see the world as they would hardly see it.

In Lebanon, it raised the morale of all of us and the military, while we were away from families at Christmas, with its memorable jokes.

I remember, as it was now, one night we got lost in the mountains on the border with Syria. It was dark, there was a fog that prevented seeing two meters. The signs were non-existent. At one point he told a joke! An absurd situation. The van had a frightening jolt, but not because of the potholes ... because the driver could no longer stop laughing !!!
I told him: Antonello if you don't stop, we'll end up out of the way! And in response: Yes Francesco, you are right, but I want to die by living!
Here, I understood what it was made of.

Have a good trip, Antonello. We will miss you very much!

(in the photo Antonello Tiracchia - on the right - together with the author)