At the end of 2022 a ray of light: Andrea Costantino is at home!

(To Andrea Cucco)

The best Christmas ever: the return of Andrea Costantino!

After 15 shocking months in prison spent amidst criminals, rats, filth, indifference, hypocrisy, torture (physical!) and another 7 months of blockade in a small room of our diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates, Andrea returned to Italy this morning.

An unexpected joy, starting from that of the colleagues of Freedom Radio (the broadcaster that hosted Andrea daily for over a month), has dissolved the bitterness that would have inevitably overshadowed the imminent Christmas and its celebrations.

A story that we have followed for a long time has been resolved for the moment, even if certainly not in the times and ways of a country that respects its citizens. Probably the best you can expect from a rundown theater in which they are certainly not the actors and extras who ritually alternate on stage to decide its status.

Amidst numerous and serious emergencies, a small ray of hope nonetheless brightens this day: Andrea is at home.

Is it finally time for another 60 million Italians to open their eyes?