April 25: the day of Liberation

(To Andrea Cucco)

The date is right: the epilogue of a regime that, with its arrogant incapacity and subjection to the foreigner, has paid an unacceptable price in human lives during a worldwide catastrophe and left our beloved country in ruins.

"Unpardonable" - belatedly - even for those who for too long, faced with previous failures (constantly covered or anesthetized by a subtle but miserable propaganda), have maintained confidence in a promised and never kept "revolution".

An umpteenth "homo novus" was sought, forgetting that there were only among the leopards Italian and that, as pointed out by a great author, "they always run to the rescue of the winner".

The widespread occupation of all offices and positions with people loyal to the party? Immediate malpractice but also final rattle.

Squad violence aimed at curbing any criticism or discord? The brand of children and cowards.

All the disagreements of the past are finally overcome and no one wonders if it is a "divisive date" or not, the only question that arises is: "Are we talking about 2021 or 2022?".