October, Cyber ​​Security month

(To SICYNT, Online Defense)

Online Defense and SICYNT united in the month of Cyber ​​Security invite you to share theABC of Digital Information Security.

Print one copy for your kids' class, one for the catechism class, and one for your study group ... read the alphabet with your children or grandchildren and explain the meaning of the terms and the risks they run.

The safety of the #cyberspace nationality is one of the necessary conditions for economic prosperity and represents a priority.

Education to #safety, also from an IT point of view should be included as a school subject.

We cannot ignore the fact that in the current context of #cybersecurity, training must be the first concern of a State that wishes to pursue a path of digitization.

Only so the #cybersecurity will really be able to fully enter the culture of people and among the tools available to companies for reducing their exposure to #cyberrisk.

Since 2003, October becomes Awareness Month on #computer security# cybersecurityawarenessmonth2021.

In Europe and the United States, it is an opportunity to remind ourselves of how increasingly necessary it is for everyone to adequately protect their online activities.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, like #SICYNT, Italian Cyber ​​Society and New Technologies, we have produced a vademecum that summarizes, using the alphabet, what to always keep in mind for our safety in the online world and beyond.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the realization and thanks to all those who will contribute to the dissemination of the manifesto.

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