Lockheed Martin and Microsoft, classified cloud and new technologies for American defense

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

A few days ago the announcement was made that the two giants, Lockeed Martin and Microsoft, have decided to enter into a strategic alliance aimed at supporting the Department of Defense in some fields considered critical, in particular:

• classified cloud innovations;

• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and skills in the field of Modeling and Simulation;

• MIL programs, in the R&D field;

• Digital Transformation.

Let's try to understand something more about these four macro-areas.

The agreement provides that Microsoft, for Lockeed Martin, will build a structure by 2023 cloud to the same standard used to build the DoD's secret cloud. In this way all the "Compliance" procedures for classified projects should be speeded up, shortening the implementation times of military programs.

According to statements published in several newspapers, Lockeed Martin will be the first non-governmental organization to operate independently within the secret government Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

As for the second area - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and capabilities in the field of Modeling and Simulation - the two giants have entered into a two-year agreement to improve the capabilities of the DoD. In particular, in the sector known as GEMS (Gaming, Exercise, Modeling and Simulation), Lockeed Martin will be able to test its technologies and platforms, reducing risks and offering an alternative to military exercises.

The agreement with Microsoft in the field of 5G.MIL is part of Lockeed Martin's corporate strategy which in the last year has also seen partnerships established with Intel, Verizon, Radisys and Keysight Technologies. 5G.MIL should make it possible to integrate military communications with tactical-type capabilities, among other things making communications more reliable and secure in support of operations joint all over the world.

The fourth macro area aims to transform and develop business processes by making the most of the capabilities of the digital world to improve internal processes and consequently the competitiveness of the company.

As can be seen, the challenges are many and the interests in the field are enormous, both economic and strategic, as all these alliances are certainly part of the American national security strategy.

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