ISIS: Russians unveil the Cyber ​​Caliphate divisions


- The Cyber ​​Caliphate, the IT division of ISIS, is made up of about forty people divided into three groups: "Team System Dz," "FallaGa Team" and "Global Islamic Caliphate". This is what emerges in the report drawn up by the Global Cyber ​​Security Company or Group-IB, a Russian company specialized in cyber attacks.

The Cyber ​​Caliphate, last fall, attracted attention during the global recruitment of hackers with the express purpose of attacking Western institutions. Right at the beginning of the year, the group successfully attacked the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US Army Central Command.

"Despite our good protection from particularly hostile but predictable threats, we believe that Russian internet security services and corporations should not underestimate the capabilities of ISIS, as well as their attacks aimed at maximum social resonance".

Among the objectives listed by the information society, there are Russian plants, construction companies and science centers.

"Currently, the terrorist group's IT divisions are focused on violating the most popular sites to advertise their slogans and discredit Western action. Forums as well as commercial platforms are potential targets as well as any site where there is a sort of banking transaction ".

The elements of the Cyber ​​Caliphate are constantly growing and continue to demonstrate a high level of preparation. A massive attack on the Russian industrial network is not excluded.