The cyber security department and the Army cyber protection brigade train jointly

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise conducted as part of bilateral activities with allied countries, between the Cyber ​​Security Department (RSC) and Army specialists cyber protection brigade US, aimed at deepening the issues related to cyber defense and cyber threat hunting.

The training saw the Italian and US RSC operators work to improve interoperability between the two Armies on Cyber ​​Threat Hunting methodologies, aimed at the proactive search for security risks nested on the network and which are sometimes not automatically detected by dedicated discovery systems.​​

At the training sessions, in addition to the staff of the cyber security department, the specialists of the C4 Army command and of the took part security and cyber defense department of the Command for Defense Network Operations.​​

As evidence of the solid collaboration between the armies of the two countries, the final day of the exercise saw the participation of a large American representation, led by Brigadier General Royce Resoso and Colonel Brian Wisniewski, respectively deputy commander of the 335thth signal command and army commander cyber protection brigade.