The NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence celebrates the entry of four new members

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Romania join NATO CCDCOE, thus bringing the number of 25 participating countries (of which 3 as contributing countries, expected status for non-NATO countries).
The news was in the air but the 13 was officially announced last June on the CCDCOE website. A special flag-raising ceremony greeted the event.

The director of the Center, Colonel Jaak Tarien, briefly recalled the history of the CCDCOE recalling that in eleven years it has gone from the seven founding countries to 25 countries demonstration that in the cyber sector the collaboration has become inevitable:
"The fact that more and more nations are joining up to contribute to the advancement of cyber-security is developing better cyber-domain capabilities. Increased global connectivity and technological development means that we are ready to cyber threat and bring our capabilities up to date Tackling cyber threats that our democracies are facing demand expert knowledge and skills, which is reinforced by close cooperation between Allies and Partners ".

The CCDCOE therefore continues to grow and attract international attention.

Several countries are currently in the process of joining (Japan, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Switzerland) while others have declared their intention to want to join (Luxembourg and Australia).

The CCDCOE was born 14 May of 2008 from seven founding countries (Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic and Spain) and has grown over time, also thanks to the growing international awareness about the cyber risks of today's world.

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