Cybertech 2016, 50 nations are confronted in Rome

(To David Bartoccini)

The third conference and world exhibition scheduled for Cybertech 2016, the biggest cyber security event in Europe, attended by more than 50 nations as well as the major international players working in the field of cyber security.

Focused mainly on the need to illustrate the essential importance of cyber security in our daily lives, the event saw the participation of illustrious figures such as Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, the prefect and commander of DIS Alberto Pansa, the commander of the NCI Agency of Born Koend Gijsbers, the CEO of Leonardo-Finmeccanica Mauro Moretti and the managers of the other major international players such as RSA, Kaspersky Lab, VMware, Cisco.

Alessandro Pansa, head of the Department of Security Information starting this year, he emphasized the 'gap' between real security and perceived security: underlining the need for a new strategy to protect the virtual world and counter the threats that lie behind it. The virtual world is a multifaceted battlefield where the young security divisions find themselves every day to combat crimes ranging from cyber terrorism of Islamist origin, to complex bank frauds, to identity theft.

"Cyber ​​security is not different from other technological revolutions of the past," said Pansa. The Interior Minister Angelino Alfano also commented on the same concept. After announcing the Italian investment of 1 billion for cyber security, he focused on the need for a change in strategy for Europe. abandoning the old information defense schemes focused on "obtaining - defense - negotiation" to move to a "sharing" of sensitive information at European level so that each state can benefit from the data obtained by others to achieve the desired objective of a 'common defense'.

There are a million cyber attacks that are launched online every day - said Eugene Kaspersky, president and CEO of Kaspersky Lab -  from this awareness must derive an investment of States in the innovation offered by the international players of Cyber ​​Sicurity: to protect themselves and respond effectively to the threats that are constantly increasing on the world wide web.

For his part Leonardo, winner of the tender for the provision of services Digital Security and Security to the Public Administration, is the protagonist of a further partnership with the DIS, with which he signed a convention that includes the sharing of information related to cyber incidents to support the operations of the Department that, in this way, can count on a resource in more to analyze and assess cyber threats and ensure an adequate level of cyber security.