Cyber: has Russia attacked Norway?

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

Cyberspace is increasingly a territory of conflict, it is now possible to realize this every day, it is no longer talked about only in professional forums but has become a topic for the news. Sometimes it is an excuse to try to hide the inability and inefficiency of service managers.

But what about when one state publicly accuses another state of having carried out a cyber attack?

This is what happened between Norway and Russia. Norway recently accused the Russian Federation of being behind a cyber attack that occurred this summer against the Norwegian Parliament. According to Norway, during the attack the hacker Russians seized emails and documents from some deputies. 

The announcement of the attack dates back to 1 September, when the Norwegian Parliament announced that it had been the victim of a cyber attack in which the data of some employees had been stolen. 

The Norwegian Foreign Minister, Ine Eriksen Soereide, on 13 October publicly accused Russia of being behind the attack on Parliament. A very serious accusation. 

Accusation returned to sender from Russia: it would be a deliberate provocation, according to the Russian embassy in Oslo.

According to Russian diplomats, such a provocation, without, among other things, any supporting evidence, it will cause serious damage to relations between the two countries, however, very tense relations after the diplomatic incidents this summer.

- hacker they would have gained access to the parliamentary email system and managed to steal data from various parliamentarians and employees. The Norwegian intelligence services and the Joint Cyber ​​Coordination Center are in charge of conducting the investigation.

Once again, if it were necessary to reiterate it, we must note the strategic importance of possessing high-density cyber capabilities and the will and political strength to carry out an attribution.

It is hardly possible to arrive at an attribution in the cyber field by referring exclusively to the technical analyzes carried out following an incident. The attribution is in fact a political act, the expression of a ruling class and which derives from technical and intelligence analyzes and from national assessments of foreign policy. 

We have no way of understanding what happened but we can say without a doubt that in a world increasingly dependent on information technologies it is increasingly necessary to have all the tools to control the cyberspace and to defend national sovereignty.

The cyber domain is increasingly a domain of comparison in which it is necessary to know how to move quickly and with awareness. National investments and above all training and information must be the basis of national efforts

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