Completed Cyber ​​Eagle 2014


- The 12 and the November 13 was held the Cyber ​​Eagle 2014 (CE2014), exercise of "Cyber ​​Defense", organized and conducted entirely by the air force. The main objective of CE2014 was to test the technical-procedural response to cyber incidents by the computer network defense operations involved in the identification, management and mitigation of cyber threats.

At CE2014, organized by the 3 division of the Logistic Command AM, all the CIRTs (Computer Incident Response Teams) of the armed forces took part, with the technical-functional supervision of the CERT-TC AM (Computer Emergency Response Team - Technical Center) of the Automated Information Systems Department (ReSIA), and the coordination of the CERT-CC AM (Computer Emergency Response Team - Coordination Center) of the General Security Department of the Air Force General Staff.

The collective training event also made it possible to verify the coordination skills of the newly established Cybernetic Operations Center (COC-AM) which incorporated the functions of CERT-TC AM within the ReSIA. The Center was created to respond to the growing cyber threats in order to identify measures, technical and procedural solutions for achieving an adequate level of security of the IT infrastructure of the Air Force.

The ReSIA, in addition to creating and managing application systems and procedures for the automation of logistic / administrative processes, is increasingly assuming an operational connotation, both in the air navigation sector (with the provision of the AFTN - Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network service) , both in the Computer Network Operations sector. It also deals with the training of personnel employed in the IT sector, as well as assistance to users of the information systems of the armed force.

Source: Re.SIA - Rome - ten. Gennaro Russo