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It often happens that to find an interesting and well done course you have to pay an arm and a leg, perhaps having to enroll in some more or less private institute which, at least apparently, seems to be the most noble.

But are we sure that what we are looking for is perhaps not available for free on the Internet?

If we have a bit of curiosity then the Cisco Networking Academy could do for us, so let's take a look at it together and let's do it starting from a site for once in Italian: Digital school

Beyond what one might think, the Cisco Networking Academy not only deals networking, rather. The offer in terms of courses is very varied and covers all sectors of digital technologies: the Networking, also because it is the original business of Cisco, programming and the cyber security.

The courses are of different levels: from the basic for the high school boy who approaches the subject, to the more advanced courses for those who, on the other hand, come out of the training cycle and approach the world of work. The methods of use are also various, there are totally self-learning courses and others in which there is a tutor who directs and guides the student. 

One might wonder why Cisco is investing huge resources in Cisco Network Academy. The answer is simple: the world is changing and more and more specialists are needed to support the digital transformation, specialists who are trained in part by companies, in part by public school systems.

La Cisco Network Academy it is part of this training process by making its expertise in the sector usable (remember that Cisco represents a significant part of the global network infrastructure), thus facilitating both the preparation of young people and their possible insertion into the world of work. 

Among the initiatives of 2020, there is the availability, for Italy, of 500 scholarships in cybersecurity which give the right to:

  • free access to Intro and Cybersecurity Essentials courses;
  • webinar with Cybersecurity professionals from Cisco Italy, Cisco Corporate Affairs and the European Commission;
  • workshops with Academy Partners throughout the country;
  • opportunity to get to know the companies operating in the digital sector;
  • certificate of participation;
  • Cisco Networking Academy Digital Badge.

To all this must be added the possibility of meeting many experts in the Cisco world.

The initiative, now in its third edition, launched at the end of 2020 and ended in June 2021, saw the participation of many young people. Don't miss the fourth edition which will start next October.

In Italy there are about 60.000 young people who have taken advantage of the free courses of the Cisco Networking Academy in the last year and more and more organizations and institutions are entering into agreements with Cisco in order to take advantage of this immense amount of knowledge. 

We all know how much knowledge is needed in this area. Thanks for what you are doing to Cisco Networking Academy and to its representative in Italy, Luca Lepore.

Alessandro Rugolo, Danilo Mancinone, Maurizio D'Amato, Orazio Russo, Marco Rottigni

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