(To Francesco Rugolo)

BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian company based in Waterloo, Ontario, active in 30 Countries. Founded in 1984 with the name of Research in Motion by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, then two engineering students, during the nineties he specialized in data transmission technologies and devices that used Mobitex technology and received numerous investments from Canadian companies.

In the 1999 the company launched the Blackberry 850, a pager that had a great success and gave the push to Research in Motion towards this sector, in the following years other models were released, oriented to a wider audience.

Since the 2006 began to open up the market to the public with a series of mobile telephony devices, the company had considerable success in this field and became one of the giants of the industry with its series of BlackBerry phones.

Some interruptions of services lasting some days, due to problems of the software Blackberry undermined the credibility and reliability of the products, a quality to which the company aimed a lot, as a supplier of numerous companies. Because of this, in addition to various internal vicissitudes and the inability to keep up with the telephony market, also due to aggressive opponents such as Apple, Microsoft and Android (Google), the company has still lost its position among industry leaders.

From the 2012 the founders of the company decided to abandon the role of CEO who was assigned to Thorsten Heins before moving to John Chen, under his leadership BlackBerry started a transition procedure, specializing in security and IoT, also thanks to numerous acquisitions.

Today the company provides safety-related products and services in health, government, financial and transport sectors, and also provides training in the IT security sector to company employees and technical and advisory support.