18 May 2024: Sicynt event in Rome


Il 18 May 2024, in Rome, at the Cisco headquarters in via del Serafico, the annual meeting of SICYNT – Cyber ​​and New Technologies.

It will be an opportunity to meet and discuss the future but also to deepen mutual knowledge and topics of interest but also to get to know other associations such as the Center for Privacy and New Technologies Studies e De Cifris National Association.

After the approval of the budget, various issues will be addressed including:

• The evolution of AI for Cyber ​​security, edited by Giorgio Giacinto;
• Encryption in the Cloud, open challenges in computing encrypted data, edited by Daniele Friolo;
• Towards the management of information security risks with impact on aviation safety, by Orazio Danilo Russo;
• Privacy and Cybersecurity, a now essential combination, edited by Riccardo Acciai;
• AI to accelerate innovation in digital infrastructures, edited by Fabrizio Gergely;
• Security of IoT networks and distributed ledger technologies DLT IOTA, edited by Marco Chessari;
• Gamification for Cyber, edited by Alessandro Rugolo and Francesco Rugolo.