The Sommergibilisti School for the "Abyss sailors" (third part)

(To Lia Pasqualina Stani)

The crews of the class submarines Sauro 3 ^ and 4 ^ series, and class Todaro (U212A), consist not only of young VFP1 or VFP4, but also of permanent staff of graduated non-commissioned and official roles. To specify that for the "graduates" are admitted, and therefore can access the career of submariner also women. In fact, they are currently enabled as "submarines": 1 sub-chief, 1 marshal, 2 officers and a "attending" officer currently TBS. Even the graduates, before being sent on board, are prepared and trained at the Submarine School.

The first and obligatory step for all aspiring givers in permanent service is, the TBS, or the Submarine Basic Training. The first theoretical phase, for a period of 7 weeks, is carried out at the Submarine School.

Also in this case they will have to pass a specialized qualification exam that allows them to continue the TBS. The following 9 weeks, are of practical training on board one of the online submarines. At the end of the two phases there is a final exam with which the military achieves the "SMG" (Sommergibilista) qualification. The TBS allows everyone to know the boat platform regardless of the body, grade and category. The information they acquire will enable aspiring submariners in an emergency to operate or intervene for the safety of the unit and the entire crew.

Rapid intervention in an emergency can be vital. And that is why during the TBS all aspiring submariners, especially on board, are never left alone, but are constantly "accompanied" by the experienced staff on board. There they receive new concepts on the boat and on the maneuvers, as well as advice on the operating methods to also make improvements to the way they operate.

The basic path of a VFP1 is different from a basic path of a military officer in actual permanent service, even if both acquire the same qualification for boarding on submarines, but for them a greater number of practical technical activities are provided. .

From this year, in the periods in which the TBS will end, the “SMG” qualification certificate will be delivered to the public assembly, which will establish the official entry into Component of the neo-submariners. The first delivery took place last May 17 in the presence of commander of the submarines admiral of division Dario Giacomin.

All the submariner staff after obtaining the qualification, based on the category and the role, will have to return to the submarine schools to specialize on the specific apparatuses on which they will operate on board. An example for all, the vessel officers (staff), at the end of the TBS, will carry out a theoretical-practical operational course at the School, lasting 6 months, which will take them after a mandatory on-board training period of at least 900 hours of navigation to get the "Guard in Immersion", that is they will be able to conduct the boat in immersion. After various career steps, vessel officers will become submarine commanders

La School Sommergibilisti of Taranto does not only provide training courses for submariners, it is a valid center of excellence for underwater acoustics in favor of all operating personnel on naval units, helicopters, staff employed in the Intelligence service operating in the acoustic field and underwater.

The course that confers high professionalism in underwater acoustics concerns "the use of hydrophonic curtains and the treatment of low frequency electro-acoustic signals". This course is not only for submariners operating with the towed hydrophonic curtain, it is also in favor of the personnel employed on the ships. The Italian Navy through the Submarine School "Catalogs" courses for foreign Marines that, if interested through the Defense staff, can apply for participation. Some of the courses are:

  • Conduct of the underwater vehicle for CO and watch officer (provides the basis for the tactical conduct of a conventional underwater unit)
  • Survival in DISSUB (with food rationing and survival at sea)
  • Fight against fire / defects aboard a submarine
  • Reagent refueling system for Fuell Cells
  • Use of passive sonars in the discovery and tracking of surface and underwater targets (in December 2015 this course was delivered in favor of some components of the Moroccan Navy).

The Italian Navy at the School Sommergibilisti delivers courses that go beyond the world of submarines and submariners as well as from the world of underwater acoustics. Perform courses in Job security also for those who occupy the post of SLP or service workers prevention and safety.

The Italian Navy provides men, means, teaching aids that work with humanity and professionalism at the Comflotsom, not only to all the components of the Italian Navy and also to third parties by putting into practice the purpose of DUAL-USE, a military purpose and humanitarian.

La School Sommergibilisti, directly dependent on Comflotsom through the Training Service, trains and validates valid submariners, guaranteeing beyond the professionalism of the crews, also the operational and logistic efficiency of the boats of the class Sauro and class Todaro. Those who choose or "dream" of becoming a submariner or those who would never imagine becoming one, should start to think and believe they want to be a sailor first. Then also the submariner.

To become a professional of the sea that operates silently in the deep blue, it takes determination, courage, humanity and desire to grow professionally following the example of the great submarine "heroes" of the past.

The body spirit of submariners is fueled by the tradition that has seen them as protagonists in all the seas. It is an elite component made up of "specialists" and you need to be special to be able to desire it and then become it.

Inside the boat, the typical family environment of the Component is recreated, an essential characteristic that can be perceived by "frequenting" the submariners. A boat without this essential specification would not even let moorings from the dock.

Of the results achieved by the men who work with commendable commitment and sacrifice at "his" Submarine School, the commander Rio Corazzi, today would be really proud.