The Sommergibilisti School for the "sailors of the Abyss" (part one)

(To Lia Pasqualina Stani)

La Directed Submarine School, was established in Pula in April 1940, away from the scene of war at sea.

A complex of buildings, was taken over by the Air Force, and adapted to housing, services, educational facilities for employees and students, and workshops.

The GRUPSOM 12 made up of submarine 8s and two support / target vessels was born. In September of 1940, under the command of the corvette captain, Folco Buonamici began teaching activities. The theoretical and practical training included traineeships, traineeships for MS officers, for GN officers, non-commissioned car managers and sailors. For the horizontal helmsmen in September of the 1940, a German apparatus was purchased for the training and training of the helmsmen to the horizontal. A sort of diving trainer-simulator.

In September of the 1942, the Didactic Section remains in Pula, while in Fiume opens the Tactical Section to start the lancistica activity. During the world war, the didactic-training activity continued unabated.

After the 1943, the Submarine School it was moved to Taranto where it was established Submersible Command. In the 1947, due to the Treaty of Peace, the ban on the possession of submarines was imposed School the Submersible Command they ceased their activities temporarily.

MARISTRALSOM took over from Submersible Command that was to provide for the sinking and delivery of Italian boats to other marinas. There Submarine School he continued a "minimal" training activity to train his crews, with the submarines Giada e Vortex. In fact, to evade the prohibitions, they were employed in training through camouflage. Intended for the withdrawal by France, on behalf of the repair of war damages, named as PV1 and as PV2 (Fast Charging Pontoons) were not destroyed (in the photo, after the modifications).

The Italian underwater component was reborn in December of the 1951, as the restrictive clauses of the Treaty of Peace lapsed. The Giada and Vortex they were reinstated with a training function in the State fleet. And it's right on Giada and on the Vortex that the men of the crews were trained in the 1954 to embark in the US, in New London, the submarines Tazzoli and Da Vinci, two units that the US ceded to the Italian Navy.

Il Submersible Command it was reassembled in September of the 1952. In the 1953 instead resumed to work the Submarine School. The teaching activities were carried out by some officers and non-commissioned officers of the Giada and Vortex, in some rooms of the barracks Farinati of Taranto.

For some years, teaching was carried out with the aid of blackboard and chalk, and texts printed with an old mimeograph, completed by hand-glued drawings.

In the years between the 1963 and the 1976, the frigate captain of the naval genius Rio Corazzi, man and military with a charisma, an energetic enthusiasm and profound humanity, gave a support nobtainable at Submarine School. A man with a natural teaching talent, with his preparation and experience, as a car manager on the submarine Vortexin the city of Augusta, he succeeded in forming generations of submariners.

His lessons, clear and simple, for traineeship students, were held after working hours in a small barge full of sunlight. The submarine students wrote their notes on the back of the message forms. Trust the management of the School Sommergibilisti, with his enthusiastic dedication to submarines and his profession, raised the precarious fortunes of the same.

It disappeared prematurely in May of the 1979.

In the 1983 inside MARICENTADD - Military Navy Training Center, one was opened Submarine Office. The aim was to train the operational staff and train the submarine teams that resumed the activity after long maintenance periods. Offices, offices and specific departments were built.

In the 1984, he assumed the command of the Submarine School at the Command of Maricosom, Rear Admiral Attilio "Duilio" Ranieri (photo below).

"Duilio" Ranieri was a concrete man and decidedly, with few resources and scarce means, he succeeded in giving new structures to the School which was named after the frigate captain, Rio Corazzi. Not only did it reformulate the training process, the training of submarines and the practical training, but made the School the most efficient and equipped in the world.

The school was also equipped with a diving and combat simulator / trainer, which are just replicas of the onboard environments to reproduce the dynamic behavior of the submarine. And again, Interactive CBT (Computer, Based Training) platforms, with tools necessary for security training.

In the 1999 the School assumed the name of MARISCUOLASOM. Today, however, COMFLOTSOM - CF Rio Corazzi Training and Training Department.

The School is framed as Distribution in the organizational structure of the Command of the Underwater Forces. E'dotata advanced training aids-training, used as a reference for the underwater forces of the modern Navy or as training support-training for Marine of other nations.

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