Demodoxalogy, the Italian OSINT (Open Source INTelligence)


Francesco Bergamo, esteemed colleague and scholar of demodoxalogy, will explain in a simple and effective way the reading of open sources (newspapers, books, public speeches, research, radio and television broadcasts, the web, ...).

Few people know that Osint has a version born in Italy in 1928 from the science of demodoxalogy and that the latter differs from the first because it is more complex and precise. The differences consist in the collection of data that can alter the target public and in influencing the orientation of public opinion in the bud.

Among the greatest military experts of demodoxalogy is the general corps of the corps Adriano Magi-Braschi.

Defense Online, in the coming weeks, will make available to its readers a cycle of 10 basic demodoxalogy lessons (first level of three) to have the essential rudiments to approach the discipline of open sources.

Good vision!

Andrea Cucco

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