Ask Italy to pray for Syria

(To Andrea Cucco, Denise Serangelo)

In Syria there is a struggle for the survival of a people, but a battle is also being fought for a new idea of ​​the state.
A State that respects all religious denominations, which reconciles itself, once and for all with the words of a God who is too often misunderstood and exploited.
Online Defense had the opportunity to hear the words of the Grand Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.
This little-known figure gives legal opinions and issues edicts, fatwas, or interpretations of Islamic law for individuals or to help judges decide.
The opinions gathered by the Grand Mufti serve as a source of valuable information on the practical application of Islamic law as opposed to its abstract formulation.
An engaging interview that touched on profound spiritual themes and that leads to reflect on one's faith and on the relationship it has with the state.

"If we destroy all the mosques in this world, God does not get angry, but God gets angry if we kill a child, this is because the churches and mosques are our work, if we destroy them it is we men who despair but if he is killed a child is God who feels hurt.
Man is a construction of God and is not our construction, if I am an Arab and you are an Italian, we take our DNA and analyze it, we can only discover one thing, which in both cases we will find written 'produced by God '.
Many people today speak of the Islamic State, the Jewish State, or the Palestinian State, but what is not understood is that it is a lie primarily towards God and then towards men.
The state is what we men build, but man has made God, he is a creature of his. In a state we can find Jewish men, Muslims, Christians or even atheist men, so we could never say that he is a Muslim, Jewish or Christian because the country contains all of humanity.
If we went to see in a house we could find a Christian mother and a Muslim or atheist father, before the law of a country all these people of different religious denominations will have to be equal and judged equally.
The difference between religious questions and matters of the state is precisely this: religion is my person relationship with God, based on love and on the choice of faith, the state instead is based on the constitution and on the law every man is obliged to observe these laws and before being must be the same. When I went to Rome, Italian law was applied to me. "

"Today, we men, we have forgotten God and have paused in front of the figures of Mohammed or Jesus, then we have forgotten and we have focused on the Pope or on the bishops or on the imams and then we forget about them too. political group has a religious guise, it hides behind it.
Five European governments are governed by the Christian political party, what I wonder is why Christian? Tomorrow someone will want an Islamic or Jewish democratic party.
All this is an intrusion of religion into political affairs, in cases like this we can say that both Mohammed and Christ were secular ".

"In the 2007 I joined the European Parliament and wanted to warn them of the danger that mosques represented in Europe, they are a platform for extremism.
I know someone is opposing the construction of a new mosque in Rome, Muslims have no prohibition on being able to pray in a place that is not a flies. They can pray anywhere and go anywhere.
If we today destroyed Mecca or the church of Jesus or the Wailing Wall we could do it much more easily than killing a child, whether it be Muslim, Ebro or Christian.
Although future generations will be able to rebuild cities like Mecca or the Churches of Christ if a child dies today, whatever religious denomination it may be, I challenge anyone of the seven billion people in the world to reproduce that child as well as what it was killed.
The purpose of all the religions of the world is to make man live in peace and serenity.
That religion that enters with the sword will come out with the stick, the one that enters with love no one will ever make it go out.
What is asked is to help us put out this fire that burns in our region, because one day this same fire could one day reach Europe as well.

"A couple of years ago the Pope decided to make a prayer for Syria, I sent him a message, I thanked him and asked him why we did not organize a good spiritual meeting in the Vatican under his leadership. to get men from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, planning a unified movement to repel extremism.
I never got an answer.
I sent a second message, I wanted to receive the Pope in Damascus and I was also willing to go to Rome with Syrian cardinals and bishops to warn Europe that what can happen in Syria can also happen there.
When I pray, it is my responsibility to the world to pray for all, not only for Muslims, I address my requests for all the seven billion citizens of the world.
You young Italians, say no to those who want to mix the game of religion with politics. Extremism cannot be combated with other extremism, extremism can be defeated only if it is fought with the culture and the enlargement of the Civil States in all the world. "

"Please send this message from Syria to your countries.
Today, we pay a very high price for the battle we are conducting. Those who are in Geneva to negotiate peace want an Islamic State or a Secular State.
I tell you that those who want a secular state are 30 years that do not come to Syria and those who want an Islamic State are 23 years that are in Saudi Arabia.
I invited him several times to speak here, in this country, I wanted him to talk to Parliament, I wanted him to ask the questions so they could have answers.
They asked me why I persisted in staying in Syria, they wanted to help me come away, they offered me a luxury home.
I refused to leave my home.
The United States and Europe do not want to receive me because I refuse to leave this country, I am convinced that my role is to calm hearts and bring the two sides together again but neither of them wanted to listen to me.
Bring greetings to your families on my part, I especially address those who still have a mother, kiss their hands and ask them to pray for Syria ".

(Photo: Online Defense)