Modena, swears the 200 ° "Duty" course

(To Army Majority State)

In the historic setting of the Military Academy of Modena yesterday morning the official students of the 200 course "Duty" gave solemn oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic, in the presence of the Minister of Defense, Dr. Elisabetta Trenta, of the Chief of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of Staff of the Army, General of the Armed Forces Salvatore Farina, of the General Commander of the Carabinieri Corps, General of the Army Corps Giovanni Nistri, of the Godfather of the 200 ° course "Duty", Armed Forces General of the Carabinieri Corps Rosario Aiosa, Gold Medal for Military Valor, as well as numerous civil, religious and military authorities, including Mayor Gian Carlo Muzzarelli and Prefect Dr. Maria Patrizia Paba, on the Band of the 1 ° regiment "Granatieri di Sardegna".

The Minister of Defense, after saying goodbye to the intervening authorities and the many family members who had rushed, addressed these words to the jurors: "Pupils and students of the 200 ° course 'Duty', the security of the Republic, the protection of peace, security and international stability are precious and indispensable assets. Know how to face the future that awaits you with determination and a high sense of 'Duty', in deference to the name that represents your Course. The function of the command is the most demanding to which you will be called ".

The Defense Chief of Staff in his speech said: "Today's is an important step in your life that will require you to internalize and put into practice values ​​such as courage, discipline, loyalty, altruism, moral integrity, loyalty, and to develop that sense of 'Duty '- as the name of your Course recalls - that will guide your actions. Be curious, original, innovative and creative, because the Armed Forces need intelligent and prepared military leaders, able to anticipate the future and do not forget to treasure the lessons of distant and recent history ".

The Chief of Staff of the Army addressing the young official students stressed: "These glorious walls have always been witnesses to the growth of values, professionalism and technique of the Italian Army. Today as before, the Military Academy continues to shape generations of men and women and commanders, officers prepared, firm in the moral, deeply aware of being bearers of immutable values, protagonists in the field of Defense, peace and security, supported from means and systems that must always be at the cutting edge of technology ".

The 200 ° "Duty" course consists of 210 official students, of which 15 foreigners and 195 Italians coming for 28% from the North, 29% from the Center, 33% from the South and Islands. The Military Academy of Modena, established the 1 January 1 of the 1678 with the name of the Royal Academy, is today the Institute of military training of a university character responsible for the initial formation of future officers of weapons and doctors of the normal role of the Army Italian and Arma dei Carabinieri, in a course of study that will lead to the graduation in Strategic Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary or Pharmacy and Law.