Latvia: Reaper Strike exercise completed

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent in Latvia participated in the exercise Reaper Strike conduct to improve operational, cooperation and integration capacities with other countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

As part of the defensive braking activity of the eFP Multinational Battle Group, the heavy infantry company employed in the mission in Latvia, following a tactical activity enabling overcoming and forcing obstacles carried out by the unit of the Spanish genius Sapper, has conducted offensive attack activity.

The Italian wagon was used in the activity Leopard gettaponte that, positioning itself with the "Biber" bridge on a waterway, has allowed it to be overcome by the armored and armored vehicles that moved to reach the respective cornerstones. Later the Italian heavy infantry company made the changeover with the Canadian contact unit, carrying out the decisive attack on the set target.

The intervention of the cart platoon Ram supported the execution of the attack conducted by infantry platoons on VCC 80 Dart. The exercise allowed to perfect the technical procedures - tactics of use of the equipment and the equipment supplied and the command and control activity of the company command.

The Italian contingent, framed by the Canadian-led Multinational Battle Group Latvia (MN BG LATVIA), trains to pursue the goals set by the eFP such as the capacity for integration and cooperation between NATO countries. The Italian contingent deployed in Latvia as part of the "Baltic Guardian" operation is based on 1 ° Bersaglieri regiment stationed in Cosenza, supplemented by an operational wagon unit and staff of the 4 ° wagon regiment stationed in Persano.

The EFP demonstrates NATO's willingness and ability to act in a unified manner - NATO stands as one - and represents an extraordinary moment of verification of its military capabilities of deployment and flexibility of employment.