Aries participates in the "Dragon 19", an interforce and multinational exercise in Poland

(To "Ariete" Armored Brigade)

The 132 ^ armored brigade Ram he took part in these days in the inter-force and multinational exercise "DRAGON 19", organized by the Polish Armed Forces. This involved an activity involving 18.000 soldiers from 12 NATO countries - Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain, the United States and, of course, Poland - with over 1.500 land, air and naval combat vehicles, engaged simultaneously in four land-based training areas, hundreds of kilometers apart, and in a naval range.

For the Ariete brigade a cart company of the 32 ° regiment, a self-propelled battery of the 132 ° regiment, structures of the logistic regiment were lined up. Ram ed enablers coming from the 7 transmissions regiment, from the 7 regiment NBC and from the 121 anti-aircraft artillery regiment.

Some problems in the railway transport of the self-propelled 7 PzH of the 132 ° artillery regiment have forced the transfer by road, with complex brigade towing Ram and the 8 ° regiment Casilina: a planned and organized movement in 48 hours only and performed in less than 50 hours, which proved to be an excellent opportunity for training in strategic transport, as well as a proof of the ability to coordinate and collaborate between Entities of different areas of employment ( command of the brigade Ram and the MOTRA office of the logistic command), making it possible to make all the combat platforms necessary for the conduct of the activities available in time.

The exercise, whose theme was the conduct of one Small Joint Operation as part of a defensive campaign conducted by NATO following the application of the 5 article of the Alliance Treaty, it had a plurality of goals, including the assessment of the capabilities of the 11 ^ Polish Armored Division to manage and conduct defensive operations by receiving the assets of other NATO countries, the validation of the 21 ^ Polish high-readiness brigade for next year (VJTF brigade 2020) and of the multinational Task Force for NBC defense (Combined Joint CBRN Defense Task Force with Polish framework), the increase the interoperability between the Allied Armed Forces and the ability to conduct the integrated fire support to the maneuver.

The units of theRam took part in all the activities, from those of command post (CPX / CAX) to those in focus (LIVEX), with the tank company of the 32 ° regiment and the battery of 132 ° framed in the 10 ^ Polish armored brigade, the battery of the 121 regiment inserted in the 21 ^ Polish brigade and the company of the 7 ° NBC regiment employed by the 4 ° CBRN Polish regiment. In this regard it is particularly significant that, with the DRAGON 19, after many years theRam has succeeded in bringing a tactical armored group out of the country's borders, in line with the Army Chief of Staff's directive to re-evaluate and strengthen the heavy component of the Armed Forces.

The activities took place at a frenetic pace, putting a strain on the logistical support capabilities of the various units used and spread over great distances between them. The culmination of the activities on fire took place on June 18, when, in the presence of the Polish Defense Minister, the Italian armored units were faced with the delicate task of counter-attacking opposing mechanized units, after the braking put in place by Polish and German units . Particularly appreciated are the fire capacity and the shooting accuracy of the Ram and of the Italian PzH, who received the applause from the Polish military authorities and aroused considerable interest in the local media.