Friuli becomes Vittorio Veneto

(To Army Majority State)

The army corps general Amedeo Sperotto, commander of the North Operative Forces, presided over the ceremony in which the "Friuli" division was renamed as "division". Vittorio Veneto ”according to what was recently ordered by the General Staff of the Army.

A few months after the end of the celebrations for the centenary of the Great War, the Armed Forces summit wanted to assign the name of the location that most of every other recalls the glorious events that led to the end of the first world war.

"A strong signal of the importance attributed to this unit by now six years after its reconstitution in Florence" the general of division Carlo Lamanna stressed in his speech in the presence of the numerous civil and military authorities intervened. He was followed by the mayor of Vittorio Veneto, Antonio Miatto, who in his speech highlighted great satisfaction on the part of his council for what had long been considered a due recognition to the places and people who contributed in a decisive way to build the Italy today.

The army corps general Amedeo Sperotto, concluding the speeches, wanted to recall some passages of the speech made by the President of the Republic last November 4 in Trieste on the occasion of the commemorations of the Centenary of the Great War. On that occasion the head of state recalled that the conclusion of the 1 world conflict marked the full fulfillment of the Risorgimento dream of the Unification of Italy, achieved with extreme suffering and pain. It was thanks to the last battle fought at Vittorio Veneto that an Army, proved to be strong and cohesive, was able to recover from a terrible defeat like that of Caporetto. The General then went on to say that "today's event represents a gesture due to our homeland and to those who wear the uniform, to honor and keep alive the memory of all those soldiers and civilians who have fought and fallen".

The ceremony, which began in the morning with a precision launch by paratroopers of the brigade thunderbolt inside the barracks "Predieri" and with the solemn flag-raising in the presence of a department in arms, continued in the afternoon with the uncovering of the marble plaque at the entrance of the barracks, a lectio magistralis of prof. Federico Ciavattone on the battle of Vittorio Veneto and a performance by the fanfare of the cavalry brigade Pozzuolo del Friuli that accompanied the events throughout the day.