Bad weather emergency in Emilia: the Army intervenes

(To "Friuli" Aircraft Brigade)

The Command and Tactical Support Department of the Air Brigade Detachment Friuli of Bologna was activated by the prefecture of Modena, this morning, due to the continuing situation of bad weather and the consequent weather-hydrological alert in some areas of Emilia.

Men and vehicles of the Department, constantly available to the prefectures for the support of the population within the dual employment capacities of all the units of the Italian Army, moved this morning - coordinated by the Northern Padua Operational Forces Command - to the province of Modena, where the special surveillance is the Secchia river, which has threateningly raised its level due to heavy rains.

In the late morning the column car left the Mameli barracks and reached the area of ​​operations, where at the moment it is operating at the disposal of the prefecture and in close collaboration with the Civil Protection in the municipality of Novi di Modena.