Centenary of the National Alpine Association in Milan: an event that also highlights the importance of the third sector

(To Gianluca Celentano)

I certainly could not miss an event as significant as the centenary of the National Alpine Association held in my city during the days of 10, 11 and 12 in May. Black pens everywhere, the data speak of more than five hundred thousand participants who brought joy to the city by transmitting a healthy spirit of belonging in some ways truly enviable after years of leave, an example of a spirit of body that never sets.

In fact, the repatriates with former comrades, often nullify on the web, while the ANA has always been a guarantee of great efficiency and unity among the former, as well as civil protection during the calamities, as happened for the Abruzzo earthquake where the retired teams were already at work a few hours after the earthquake.

La cittadella

After the last gate of the Castello Sforzesco, at the beginning of the Sempione park, the army's green inflatable marks the entrance of a location created to make the Alpine Troops known, as specified by the Army press officer, their means, but also assistance activities.

An obstacle tower has fascinated children who, in turn, have tried to harness themselves to climb and abseil, leaning on special obstacles created vertically. All in safety and many of them will probably want to become Alpine in the future, but perhaps it would be even more curious to read their impressions on the class assignment at school in the aftermath of this thrilling adventure.

Among the flags of Iveco Defense Vehicle, a VTLM Lynx he caught a great deal of attention, especially since a door was open allowing him to get to know him closely. Operating machines, an LMW ambulance, but the top was the AB205 helicopter of the squadron Bull, stationed in Venaria.

Extraordinary in these days the military of the Command Department of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense and the volunteers of the ANA Civil Protection.

The press office, coordinated by Major Igor Piani (v. interview in Afghanistan), which I thank publicly, has been able to impeccably manage communication to the mass media; inside the structure there were also modern digital systems to spread the event moment by moment.

The field hospital

An idea born in the 76, but which has always been updated, becoming the most equipped field hospital ever, a source of pride for the ANA. In the three days of the Black Penne, it could be visited in its ROLE, or the specialist departments that, in the event of a disaster, guarantee after careful initial triage, to sort the patient in the appropriate specialist sector.

But there is also a constructive and interesting synergy between ANA, which counts 13 thousand volunteers and Army, a proven aid that takes the name of INTEGRATED RESCUE TEAM, or joint teams during actual events or emergencies.

Minister, CSME and solidarity

On Sunday there was also the enthusiastic visit of Minister Elisabetta Trenta, whom I had the opportunity to meet among the first present; very satisfied both for the result of the event and for the organization of the Alpine troops, she reached the other authorities on the dedicated stand after having entertained herself cordially with the visitors.

But the solidarity of ANA continues: in the morning General Salvatore Farina, army chief of staff, wanted to attend an important donation donated by the president of ANA Sebastiano Favero to the Mariuccia Asylum Association chaired by the General of the Alpini on leave Camillo de Milato.

After the ceremony the chief of staff headed for the citadel wearing the characteristic alpine hat.

A reflection is a must

The valuable activity of the ANA led me to wonder how indispensable the Third Sector is in our country. Well, let's say right away that maybe there is a correlation between work crisis and the search for a voluntary activity, perhaps just to fill that sad feeling of uselessness that afflicts those who are rejected by the world of work, maybe just for age.

The fact is that, according to the newspaper occur, a census carried out at the end of 2017 recorded an increase in 11% towards assets No profit that today there are around 350 thousands of organizations of all kinds (health, welfare, cultural, zoological, humanitarian, etc.) and around which more than 5 gravitate millions of volunteers and only 788 thousand employees.

Much of the country, according to the numbers, works very well thanks to volunteers at no cost to the state. However, the vital need for a voluntary association lies not only in identifying valid volunteers but also generous financiers. Activity not always easy, given the scarcity of resources due to the crisis and, beyond the 5 x thousand, one would wonder what would happen if this voluntary vocational growth changed direction.

It's not up to me as a precarious driver to devise strategies, I wouldn't be able to. I prefer rather to emphasize, as I too am a volunteer, the admirable work of men and women working in the third sector, sometimes a little forgotten by the leaders of the associations even if, to put it without too many words, the volunteer is the one who makes the deck ...

Volunteering: what effect does it have on the curriculum?

In such a tragic period for work where even citizenship income would seem to have translated into a flop in many cases, appearing for an interview by mentioning doing voluntary work can even be counterproductive. And here comes the hateful Italian hypocrisy, where volunteers are angels when needed, but annoyances if they have to take some leave to take care of a good cause. It would be a good idea to respond to those who set these barriers, to think about how useful a team of ready and prepared health care workers can be when unfortunately you have to call the 118. Fortunately, not all employers are like that, but certainly not many, but many are our retired angels, the Alpine troops.

Defiscalize work (a real necessity) and - why not? - even the active worker in the third sector are proposals that should make those who express themselves think through attractive but disordered proclamations.

Milan great

The municipal council has put in place a careful and precise system of security and coordination, given the numbers of the presences and, indeed, everything has worked well and the Alpines themselves have taken care of a good part of the logistics but also to the cleaning.


To the Taurinense boys and to the ANA volunteers, and applaud the Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala and the council for the excellent organization.