Anniversary of the establishment of the Corps of Engineers

(To Army Majority State)

In the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Army, Salvatore Farina, general of the army corps, the commemorative ceremony organized to celebrate the birth of the Weapon of Genius, which took place, took place in the evocative setting offered by the Royal Palace of Caserta. among others, the participation of the personnel involved on the occasion of the gathering of the national association of engineers and transmitters.

The commander of the events took part in the celebrations Support Operative Forces, general of army corps Giuseppenicola Tota, brigadier general Francesco Bindi, commander of the Genius and commander of the Bersaglieri brigade Garibaldi, Brigadier General Diodato Abagnara. Many civil and military authorities were present including the president of the province, dr. Lubrano representing the prefect, the mayor and the Gonfaloni of the city of Caserta.

Activate the participation of several associations and ordinary citizens who, for the first time, were able to attend a ceremony in the city of Campania, home, among others, to the 21 ° Genio Guastatori regiment which represents one of the eleven regiments located throughout the national territory. Precisely because of the profound relationship of esteem and trust that binds the population to the Italian Army engineers, the regiment was honored, within the same celebrations, with honorary citizenship by the first citizen, dr. Carlo Marino.

At the command of the training department deployed to honor the war flags of the Corps of Engineers and the 21 ° regiment and to the authorities present, Colonel Giuseppe Schiariti, commander of the regiment.

As pointed out by General Farina "among the various specialties of the Italian Army dedicated to combat support, the Arma del Genio is of strategic importance. He is able to maneuver and facilitate mobility, to create counter-mobility, and he is able to fight through his different specialties. From pioneers to bridge builders, from sappers to railway workers, the engineers of yesterday and today have contributed to achieving an evolution that has developed over time, through profuse commitment and increased skills ". Among the various tasks of genius there is the prerogative to throw bridges over rivers, restore rail links, open roads and build camps.

The technical ability, self-sacrifice and humility, typical characteristics of Army Engineers, have characterized the history of the Arma, which thanks to the connotation of its Departments, in addition to its operational use in international missions, contributes with its men and women at the operation Safe Roads in order to increase the activities of prevention and fight against crime throughout the national territory and the operation Sabina in favor of the earthquake victims of central Italy, as well as in any calamitous and emergency event in competition with other state institutions.