455 new Volunteers for the Army

(To Army Majority State)

455 new one-year Pre-established Volunteers of the Italian Army of the 2 Block 2019, of which 134 of female sex, arrived yesterday in the “Emidio Clementi” Barracks, headquarters of the 235 Volunteer Training Regiment “Piceno”, for the frequency of the initial training course.

Divided into a basic module and an advanced module, respectively of 7 and 4 weeks, the course aims to give young volunteers a physical preparation consistent with the status of a soldier and the skills both to employ individual weapons and department both to deal with all stress situations adequately.

Attendants, aged between the 18 and the 25 years, coming from the different regions of the Peninsula, will undergo intense training, both theoretical and practical, focused on "knowing how", through which they will acquire the fundamental aspects of military life.

Specifically, particular attention will be paid to physical education, individual combat training, shooting lessons with supplied weapons and ethical-moral training, indispensable for building the military identity of future soldiers of the Italian Army. There was also the participation of family members and carers at the information meeting, called "From home ... to the Barracks", during which qualified staff of the regiment provided information on the training course and career prospects.

The volunteers will remain in the "City of the Hundred Towers" until the next 21 November and, subsequently, they will be transferred to the Armed Forces and Employment Departments of the Armed Force, located throughout the national territory.