MIBIL: Leadership course for future Lebanese NCOs

(To Greater Defense)

Friday 17 May at the headquarters of Officers' School of the Lebanese Army in Baalbek (Lebanon) the closing ceremony of the 3 ° Course on Leadership organized by the Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) was held.

In the presence of the commander of the Officers' School, General Maroun Mhanna, the commander of the Mission, Colonel Stefano Lagorio presented the diplomas to the LAF staff who successfully completed the course.

The course, held in the period included by the 13 to 17 in May 2019, was conducted admirably by a Mobile Training Team (MTT), set up for the needs of the General Staff of Defense, composed of 5 training officers and 5 psychology officers from various Departments of the Italian Army. Specifically, during the week of the course, the cadets were divided into groups of 16 units, to allow them to practice functional activities for identifying and learning the most effective organizational behaviors for the specific Lebanese military context, in the field of Leadership, effective communication, stress management and group dynamics.

The course was conducted according to an innovative training methodology for adults that alternates traditional classroom moments with multiple experiential activities.

In particular, experiential training, conceived, developed and applied for many years by SME DIPE OSP, represents a tool for the participants who, facing unexpected tasks and situations, live learning experiences, emotionally involving, and act. Behaviors that later become the object of careful reflection (use of experience and transfer to the workplace).

The results of the received feedback confirm that, as for the previous sessions carried out in the 2018, the activity undertaken registered a high approval rating. Moreover, the active involvement of all the students and the availability guaranteed by the entire Command line of the NCO School have consolidated the growing collaboration existing between the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Italian Armed Forces.

MIBIL, operating in Lebanon since 2015, organizes, conducts and coordinates training and training activities in favor of the Lebanese Armed Forces, framing itself in the broader international context that aims to support the institutions of the Middle Eastern nation in order to increase their overall capacity.