Kosovo: combined training for MNBGW units

(To Greater Defense)

As part of the mission in Kosovo, the joint exercise between the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W), the Italian-led Kosovo Force units (KFOR) and the Kosovo Tactical Reserve Battalion was held from the 9 to the 10 last July. (KTRBN), unit constituting the tactical reserve deployed in Kosovo by NATO.

The exercise was intended to train the units in the management of critical events, maintaining their operational capacity high, in order to guarantee an effective response to the occurrence of events likely to threaten stability, security and freedom of movement in the area of operations.

A scenario of popular mobilization was simulated, in which the forces exerted had to face a real escalation of disorders.

In the course of the exercise, in addition to the riot control units, engineering units were used to remove the barriers, as well as a bomb squad for the control and reclamation of explosive devices.

In the exercise were used: 253 KFOR soldiers of Italian, Austrian, Moldavian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian nationality, 32 rotated vehicles, a forerunner wagon, two multi-role helicopters, sanitary facilities, as well as military police and local police units.

During the exercise, the speed with which the forces were introduced into the exercise area was tested; the integration of the tactical reserve into the MNBG-W device, as well as the command and control capacity of the MNBG-W staff.

Currently established on the basis of the 24 ° artillery regiment "Peloritani", with a force of about 700 military of which Italian 250, the MNBG-W is deployed in the western sector of Kosovo, with the task of ensuring the performance of an action of presence and deterrence aimed at maintaining a safe environment and contributing to the consolidation of peace.