The Navy trains in the Gulf of Taranto

(To Marina Militare)

From the 11 to the 14 in March the waters of the Gulf of Taranto were the stage for a training phase which involved ten naval squads from the Naval Squadron, belonging to the Divisions of Taranto and Brindisi as well as the Augusta Patrol Forces Command, a submarine new generation and twelve aircraft, including jets and helicopters of the Naval Aviation, flanked by air patrol planes.

The training, conducted under the aegis of Command in Head of the Naval Squadron (CINCNAV), allowed to test the effective use of the fundamental operating procedures in force in the NATO assembly.

Logistic support on board the ship Etna, the commander of the second Naval Division of Taranto (COMDINAV2), divisional admiral Aurelio De Carolis, exercised the tactical command of the maritime device.

This training phase, in addition to being part of the regular periodic preparation cycles, is also particularly important for two other aspects. The first is the preparation for the next major exercise, the "OPEN SEA", which the Navy usually holds each year in two six-monthly sessions. The second aspect concerns the level of readiness of the Staff of the Second Naval Division which, in its peculiar dual role as COMITMARFOR, has been designated to maintain, from the 1 last January and throughout the 2019, the guide of the Reaction Force Maritime Component rapid growth of NATO.