The Aragonese Castle of Taranto in the top ten of the "Places of the Heart 2018" of the Fondo Ambiente Italia

(To Marina Militare)

The Aragonese Castle of Taranto, with 23.424 votes received, ranked in tenth place in the contest "The places of the Heart 2018" organized by the Fondo Ambiente Italia and is the first in Puglia.

The Aragonese Castle is managed by the Navy which with its military and civilian staff, in agreement with the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the province of Taranto, has proceeded to its cultural valorization through an intense activity that has developed along three guidelines: maintenance and restoration, visits and archaeological research.

The Castle is the second most visited site of Puglia and much appreciated by visitors who do not hesitate to leave extremely flattering comments on the visits and social networks.

In 2018 visitors have reached the record number of over 121.000 and today from the 2005 year of opening to visits, visitors are close to reaching one million.

A great satisfaction has been added by the Southern Maritime Commander, Admiral Salvatore Vitiello, the ancient manor is a symbolic monument of the Ionian city.

This important result will serve as a stimulus to continue the careful management that has been carried on for over a century since the manor was entrusted at the end of '800 by the Ministry of Defense.