Rear Admiral completes 101 years

(To Marina Militare)

Sabino Laudadio, rear admiral in reserve, last 22 January has reached the enviable goal of celebrating his "101esimo" birthday. Born in Mola di Bari the 22 January 1918, Laudadio enlisted in the Royal Navy in the 1938 and had as its first destination the submarine Dandolo, based in Naples. During the world war he took part in numerous war missions aboard various units, including the tugboat Vieste and the torpedo boats Pegaso ed Artemide, always distinguishing for the technical expertise, courage and self-denial, qualities that earned him the award of three crosses to military valor. In the meantime he had moved his residence from his native Puglia to Campania, choosing to stay in Meta di Sorrento where he met, before the war, Mrs. Franca Massa, who became the wife and mother of their four children in the 1946.

After the war, Laudadio continued to serve in the Armed Forces for well 40 years. A life in the name of "honor and love for the Navy" that the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Valter Girardelli, wanted to remember by giving him a crest with dedication. The bearer of the homage was the young ensign Cesare Gratti who went to the home of Rear Admiral Laudadio, in Meta di Sorrento, now elected to his adopted city, the day of his 101esimo birthday.