Ciampino: defused three bombs in the area of ​​the Roman airport

(To air Force)

At 11: 40 on Thursday 7 February, during excavations near the runway at Ciampino airport, three German-made bombs were found - dating back to World War II - weighing 150 kg containing about 75 kg of explosives.

Immediate intervention of the bombers of the 6º regiment genius pioneers of the Italian Army who worked incessantly in order to reclaim and neutralize the devices in the shortest possible time.

In order to carry out the reclamation activities in complete safety, Società Aeroporti di Roma, responsible for the airport, has ordered the temporary closure to air traffic, reopened then starting from 18.00, and the evacuation of the same. The command of the 31 ° flock of the Italian Air Force, responsible for the military part of the airport, worked in close coordination with the civilian airport managers, putting in place all the security provisions of the areas under its jurisdiction and military air traffic, and providing emergency vehicles during the delicate operations of the bombs.

To remove the war residuals it was also necessary the intervention of a specialized team of the Italian Army who, with appropriate techniques, proceeded to load the orders on a vehicle, limiting to a minimum the electromagnetic impulses that could have caused the trigger.

The bombs were then transferred to the Santa Maria delle Mole quarry for the subsequent blasting.