The 2019 Acrobatics of the Frecce Tricolori was presented at Rivolto

(To air Force)

Thursday 20 December, at the historic hangar of the Frecce Tricolori, in the presence of the commander of the Combat Forces and the 1 ^ Air Region, general of the Silvano Frigerio air division, the traditional presentation of the 2019 National Acrobatic Team (PAN) Poster and Training took place.

The event is now a traditional appointment of the 313 ° Acrobatic Training Group, a special occasion to meet local authorities, the "Frecce Tricolori" Club, friends, family members and enthusiasts who have been following the PAN for more than fifty years. Also present at the evening was the vice president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Riccardo Riccardi, to symbolize the increasingly consolidated synergy between the Frecce Tricolori and the territory.

During the event, Major Gaetano Farina, commander of the Frecce Tricolori since last November 29, has unveiled the 2019 training that offers interesting news in two key positions of the patrol: the role of training (Pony 1) and soloist (Pony 10). During the acrobatic season 2019 will be in fact the major Stefano Vit, already experienced gregarious of the national acrobatic team, to drive in flight the Frecce Tricolori; while captain Massimiliano Salvatore will take over from captain Filippo Barbero, thus becoming the new soloist of PAN.

In the 2019 there will be two new entries in training: the captain Federico De Cecco, Tornado driver from the 154 Group 6 ° Stormo of Ghedi (Brescia), and the captain Alessio Ghersi, pilot of Eurofighter, from the IX Group Hunting of the 4 ° Stormo di Grosseto, which will fly with the 9 number and the 8 number respectively on their debut next May.

Then came the moment to unveil the 2019 poster Frecce Tricolori: the photographic image chosen this year was taken during the looping in formation performed in Alta Badia during the flight over the "World Cup of Skiing". The first copy of the 2019 poster was delivered to General Vittorio Cumin, dean of the 313 ° Acrobatic Training Group.

In the wake of the collaboration between Aeronautica Militare and UNICEF launched in 2015, on the occasion of the 55 ° Anniversary of PAN, this year too, during the evening, "pigotte", traditional rag dolls depicting pilots, were sold for charity of the 2019 training.

As per tradition, the Frecce Tricolori they have also presented a charity initiative of a local nature through a fundraising campaign for the "Citta della Speranza" which is responsible for raising funds for scientific assistance and research projects for children and adolescents affected by oncohematological and rare diseases. .