Air defense: intercepted a civilian aircraft bound for Milan that had lost radio contact

(To air Force)

An F-2000 Eurofighter fighter from the Italian Air Force, promptly prepared for the airspace surveillance service, quickly took off in the afternoon from the Istrana air base (TV), home of the 51 ° Stormo, to intercept a CA25 private civil aircraft took off from Ibiza and bound for Milan Linate, which had lost radio contact with air traffic control operators during the flight over national airspace.

The order of Scramble - immediate take-off - for the aircraft in alarm it started from the CAOC (Combined Air Operation Center) of Torrejon, the NATO body that is responsible for the area of ​​the airspace surveillance service and whose national interlocutor is the Air Operation Center (AOC) of Poggio Renatico, in the province of Ferrara. Through the staff of the AM Radar Groups, the fighter pilot was then provided with the information needed to intercept the aircraft that did not respond to radio calls and his visual identification.

The civil aircraft was intercepted north-west of Piacenza shortly after the 16: 50 and once it was assured that the crew had restored the regular radio contacts with air traffic agencies, the military fighter returned to the Treviso air base.