New peacekeeping tools for the Marine Corps

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

With an order of 27.000 pieces the Marine Corps of the United States of America is preparing to retire the assault rifles of the M-16 / M-4 series.

To succeed him will be an interpretation of the previous M-4 rifle, or the German Heckler & Koch 416 (photo), already adopted about ten years ago to support MINIMI in the role of Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

The 416 has an architecture very similar to the M-4 rifle, even if the mechanical parts differ, as the German assault rifle uses, as a system for the recovery of gas, a short stroke piston, in place of that Direct Impingement of the M-4 series.

Furthermore, in the field of precision rifles, the 2019 will see the definitive introduction of the M-110A1 weapon system (pictured below) of the Knight's Armament, in the 7,62x51 caliber, semi-automatic weapon to be assigned to expert shooters within the riflemen's team .

As is known, the Marines have always given great importance to precision shooting, therefore, the adoption by the USSOCOM of the 6,5 caliber Creedmoor (6,5x49) for sniper weapons will allow body shooters - thanks to the modularity of the M-110A1 - to quickly switch to the new caliber.

Photo: US Marine Corps