A STORM (Storm) for the Italian armed forces

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

In the So.Fu.Tra program. (Transitional Functional Support), the Ministry of Defense intends to proceed with the acquisition of technical documentation for the Beretta MX4 STORM automatic rifle.

After the terrorist attacks by the militiamen of the Islamic state, in Paris the sensitive Italian targets (stations, places of art, institutional buildings, etc.) are guarded by soldiers armed with assault rifles, as the patrols of the forces They have neither the equipment nor the training to deal with Islamic fundamentalists armed with AK-47. However, the ballistic characteristics of a weapon in the 5,56x45 caliber, range and drilling capacity, are not suitable for use in a densely populated urban environment, as the risks of collateral damage would be very high.

The solution could be to arm the military carrying out tasks of patrolling and patrolling in urban centers with an automatic rifle caliber 9x19 mm.

The architecture of the MX4 STORM resumes that of the CX4 but the barrel has been shortened to 312 mm, with a total length of 647 mm.

The firing cycle starts with a closed shutter, so as to reduce the stresses of moving parts and increasing the accuracy of the gun, even in automatic shooting.

Thanks to the use of polymers, the weight is particularly low, only 2,48 kg without the loader. The latter can have various capacities (15,17, 20 and 30 hits, including the magazines used for the PX4 gun).

The rifle has a manual safety crosspiece and a button to release the magazine that also acts as a pull selector. After firing the last shot, the shutter remains open but it is sufficient to activate the appropriate lever to close the shutter.

In practice we are talking about a pistol increased to the level of machine gun, with many changes and obviously the possibility of burst shooting, which among other things is very easy to control having the weapon a large kick.

If the Parisian policemen who first came in during the attack on Charlie Hebdo's headquarters, the 7 January 2015, had provided a similar weapon, and not just 9 caliber guns, they could face the terrorists and perhaps avoid other innocent victims .