Iveco Lince LMV: the Italian feline who has school in the world. Between lights and shadows

(To Gianluca Celentano)

A raised car, a SUV or a pure 4x4 full title? I could not wait for the two volumes again Made in Italy produced and marketed by know-how of Bolzano at Iveco Defence Vehicles.

We are dealing with the stupendous feline that in the international military world is fully winning the LMV vehicle position par excellence. That is, you know, Iveco Lince LMV, "Light Multirole Vehicle". Medium that has made to discuss passing to the chronicle during his debut in the conflict of the Gulf and that has been placed as the undisputed heir of the American Hummer H1, gone out of scene in the 2010.

In our Lynx two more names were given after Iveco CNH's marketing: in the United Kingdom the Royal Army called Panther LMV, while the lighter version is named after Icaro.

The association of the Lynx with the agile feline it is not likely to be casual if we consider its performance as an off-road vehicle with "325 / 85" tires which, as sharp claws, allow it an important mobility, with, among other things, a relevant frontal edge and well 54 grades that, if we compare it to that of a pure 4x4 like the Land Rover who has degrees of 36, we immediately got the idea of ​​the mobility level of the Lynx.

But besides a proper presentation of the medium, I do not want to propose a copy of the data already in the network and in the forums dedicated to the LVV, rather I prefer to offer you something less well known, without removing anything from the interesting technological defenses and response present on this vehicle, leaving this aspect to those who have much more competence in this field.

A tactical, raised and armored car

It is presented with a pleasant front of car setting as well as all its line; a two volumes that in some versions is one hard top pick up, but believe me, call it SUV, that is Sport Utility Vehicle, it is very reductive despite having multiple-arm suspensions with independent wheels, a feature that is present in SUVs.

For some, it recalls an Italian auto model 4x4, the Rayton Fissore Magnum with VM90 mechanics, uncommon by us but very much appreciated in the US. The pure-tech off-road concept is relegated to some peculiarities that are unknown to SUVs, such as the chassis or rigid bridges associated with reduced gears, all of the basic features of the SUVs off road more cumbersome as the Mercedes G 4x4, the Massif, the Land Rover or the Renegade Cj7 to do just a few examples.

The LMV must respond to two important priorities: the protection absolute occupants and the mobility. To reconcile these two aspects with the level of armor, which elevates its weight to well 7 tons, the solutions discovered as rigid bridges would have penalized it on the platform.


The cockpit and driving cell is designed for military 5 also protected by NBCR attachments but is not rigidly tied to the carrier frame. The British call it precisely "citadel" as if it were a reality isolated and protected by the rest of the mechanical structure. In fact, the ballistic tests and the major explosions to which the LMV was subjected (in the testing spaces for defense vehicles) wanted to confirm that the rigid structure of the vehicle would not remain so in the event of severe pressures such as those generated by an explosion but rather absorbed the impact wave on certain surfaces in order to unload the forces. For this reason, repeating the characteristic of 'Hummer H1, the cabin in case of violent shock waves, can detach itself, as well as the roof and fuel tank, as well as other components that characterize the structure. It is no coincidence that the seats are conforming to the head restraint and the seat belts at 5 points with quick release are mandatory, as is the use of the helm.

The inspirational concept could be brought to the moderns crash test, where with already 50 km / h collisions, modern cars crush completely by safeguarding the cabin. So, more material is present to absorb the impact, more occupants of the "housing cell" are protected.

An Iveco patent allows, in a few hours, and according to the type of service to be performed, to extend the protection of the Lynx using ballistic kits to add to its already protected surfaces giving it an advanced B7 level. In this regard there is an unknown quantity, which falls a bit like the "Murphy law", ie: what to do if you are attacked without additional kits?

Engine characteristics

A bespoke Multi-jet: a 4 Diesel cylinder Iveco F1C from 3.0 cc and with 190 horses, produced by Sofim specifically for the Lynx and that actually comes from the smallest 2.0 Multi-Jet. An engine that is mounted in the 3.0 version on the most "big" series Duchy e Daily, with denomination F1C Dohc 16v common rail.

A "militarized" engine without any superfluous excessive sensors or complex electronic systems. The cooling circuit is enhanced, thanks to its operational use, which involves the closing of the air intakes in contact with the outside. Even gas oil mixing is handled according to the Nato guidelines and is perhaps more "greasy", but it allows a guarantee of working with hostile temperatures. The motor fan can lock in the event of a crossover of the wings and the turbine is placed in a different position than the standard engine, generating even less noise.

The Iveco engine range is very interesting and includes four engine families, i Sofim, the Nave (including the Tector) of the Cursor and big Vector. Many wonder, apart from it, why not equip it with one Nave to 6 cylinders with maybe 300 horses.

Probably the horses of his Sofim they are not many and from its size one would expect greater powers, however its torque equal to 456 Nm allows it to overcome slopes of 60%. It's really so and you can feel it all. The transmission of the motion to the wheels is divided into percentages, on the four wheels according to the needs of grip, a bit like the new ACTL SM, but if necessary the whole group can also be blocked as well as its differentials. The automatic transmission is a ZF 6 gear with a converter lock at about 1200 rpm: this already gives it a sort of first gear in addition to the 6 present. It then has two reductions and the gear lever recalls the Allison competitor's system. It is possible to gradually shift the gears during decelerations by moving the lever from position D to 1, but pay attention to the revolutions that could occur during the operation.

There are no auxiliary braking systems, electric or hydraulic retarders or valves on the exhaust manifold, all is entrusted to 4 pneumatic disc brakes.

A front and rear mechanics and two transmission shafts in the middle

On exiting the front gearbox, a transmission shaft engages in the rear differential from which a gearbox and gearbox unit engages a second shaft which returns to the front but moves the front differential. The inclination of the trees, which are superimposed, is due to the difference in height between the transmission and the rear axle, but most probably also serves to avoid, in case of strong deflagration, that the tree can in some way perforate the living cell.

Shadows on the Lynx

"A winning project but perhaps too fast and tested only in the field."

His debut was in the 2003 because of the Gulf events that required the replacement of the VM90P, which is very valid but limited as protection.

In about 15 years of service LMV has undergone well 4 makeover and this need for renewal has only emerged as a result of using it on the battlefield. LMV 2, was born from the completion of the first series and its updates in some cases were radical.

A trim too soft for its mass

Looking at the pictures off road of the first series, it is understood that the calibration of the hydraulic shock absorbers is perhaps somewhat yielding under the mass of seven tonnes of the vehicle. Comparing the Lince 1 with l 'Hummer it is noted that the height from the ground of the Italian platform is slightly lower than the US vehicle, while theHummer it has a lower cabin, but LMV is already higher without the addition of the ballistic tower.

Speed ​​and grip

The concept of the importance of soft and rigid trim is fundamental and can be explained by a simple example. The modern Range Rover, which has now become a very fast luxury off-road vehicle, has an automatic self-leveling system that works depending on whether you are using a highway or an off-road vehicle, adjusting the trim as neutral as possible in one case or providing a suitable height for the attack angles and I get into use off road.

But let's go back to Lynx, a vehicle from 100 km / h 1800 turns, but with a range which can go up to at least 2300 turns, if the block electronics are not replaced.

On the dirt track at sustained speed the roll is tied to the "softness" of the suspensions and the masses in play. However, as long as the ground is slippery, the vehicle only widens the trajectories of the curves, perhaps lurking sideways until at least as long as the wheels do not encounter a more grip ground, which would act as a sudden brake on the side sliding. This is, alas, one of the conditions where it is easy to "put in crisis" crew and vehicle.

Training and investment

They are indispensable elements, despite the cheery balance of defense, but generally determine the difference between the improvised conductor and the professional.

The formation of the military takes place in the halls of the barracks for the qualifications mod. 3,4,5,6 and then in those of Iveco Defense Vehicles. The knowledge of the vehicle and the most drastic simulations are part of the training days and practice on the LMV in addition to the military ground behavior.

The off-road guidance then involves the study of correct and specific rules and behaviors as well as knowledge of the physical limits of the vehicle and the courses do not differ much from those given by the civil off road.

Your data

The operating quality is really high and the center console between the driver and the car head is full of switches for the most disparate functions and where the ABS or ASR exclusion keys are just the most elementary elements. The size varies depending on the version: in general, its width is fixed in two meters and twenty, for about six in length and two in height, but bear in mind that the tactical intervention and reconnaissance series is accompanied by the ambulance version that command and logistics place, otherwise conformed.

The Americans observe it, the Russians test it and the Chinese copy it

It seems that the US has borrowed a certain amount of LMV, returning after a few years, however, despite the great interest shown for the Iveco product, the press sources would say that the US Army has folded on a vehicle of national production, the 'Oshkosh JLTV; The Russians bought someone instead of being satisfied, but in interrupting negotiations they gave birth to Tigr Gaz. The Chinese, however, looking silently with a polite smile and perhaps a bow, directly made an identical copy, at least externally (photo), but on which there are still no reliable data.

Allow me, before concluding, to devote a thought to our soldiers, women and men, who every day have led the Lynx to keep the peace in many areas of the world. It's a simple sentence but really felt: "You are extraordinary, thank you!".

(photo: Defense Online / Defense / author / web)