Few women in Israeli leadership?

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

In the last legislature, the Israeli parliament (Knesset) reached the record of the presence of women: less than 25% (29 on 120).

In the international arena Israel ranks seventy-sixth for the number of women in politics. According to an estimate by the foreign press, in the last election campaign, "gender equality", like all the important issues for women put forward by feminist activists and organizations, they have had no prominent place on the Israeli public, political or media agenda.

Returning to the female minority front representing the world of "defense and security" within the Parliament, it is easy to see that in the Likud led by Netanyahu (who led the coalition in the last ten years) there are only three women in the top twenty. Six instead are present in the Generali party.

Because in Israel it is the military leaders - or the Services ... - to be considered true experts in the field of defense of the country (and most of these are men), almost none of the new female political levers - despite having an important background in this regard - it is considered the recipient of future political responsibilities.

In Israel, the Army is one of the most influential organizations in society, a real network for gathering candidates for politics. We also remember that the defense budget ... represents almost fifteen percent of the total expenditure!

In Israel the Army is essentially a male organization. Military service is mandatory for both women and men, but some positions are not yet open to women. And only one woman has been at the top so far!

Everything seems absurd for a country that, already in the 1969, had a woman to lead the government, third to cover this position internationally ... It was at that time Golda Meir (photo opening) to direct Israeli politics in periods particularly difficult, being faced with various international crises. Famous in his homeland for his decisive attitude: the Israelis, jokingly liked to call it "the only real man in Israel".

In the last round of elections, Orna Barbivai, 1962 class, the first woman to be named General in the ranks of the Israeli armed forces, appeared on the party lists Blue and White.

Already at the head of the military personnel management and contingency planning department, Netanyahu himself congratulated her. "I am proud to be the first woman to achieve this high degree in an organization where gender equality should be a central point" - the answer.

Photo: web / IDF