Is Turkey still considered an ally of the West?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

It would seem that the United States is strongly reluctant to continue supply to Turkey of fifth generation fighter Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II.

The Pentagon's fears concern the hypothesis that Ankara can cede the technology of the American aircraft to the Russian Federation, in exchange for further military support. In fact, the close cooperation that Turkish President Erdoğan is establishing with Moscow is well known, also through the purchase of Russian-made weapons systems, such as the S-400 surface-to-air missile Triumph.

According to the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Curtis Scaparrotti: should not allow the exploitation of the F-35 for the Allies working with the Russians, the capabilities of the S-400 would allow their users to study and analyze the potential of the F-35 , causing damage to the Alliance countries.

Although it seems paradoxical that a member of NATO can pass next-generation technologies to a competitor such as the Russian Federation and Washington make strong pressure to buy the system Patriot, the Turkish Government does not intend to renounce to acquire the S-400.

The contract concerns the supply of two batteries, plus two others produced on site. The weapon system consists of the 55K6E command post; of 91N6E discovery and surveillance radar Big Bird in S band; acquisition radar and 92N6E missile guide Grave Stone, as well as quadruple launchers for the type of devices that the S-400 can carry. Including the 48N6E, credited with a range of 250 km and optimized for the engagement of ballistic missiles.

Photo: US Air Force