The situation of the Italian armed forces: the launch of the first PPA and the news on the Navy programs

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

With the launch, last 15 June in La Spezia, of the first Multi-purpose Offshore Patrol (PPA) - baptized THAON DI REVEL and first example of the homonymous Class, with a displacement in the full configuration of about 6.300 tons - we begin to realize those projects aimed at transforming the Navy into an instrument capable of supporting (political leadership permitting) the strategic aspirations of Italy in the Mediterranean basin.

These projects are thanks to the 2015 Naval Law - strongly supported by the then Chief of Staff of the Marina Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi - which foresees the realization of 10 specimens (of which seven already financed) of Multi-purpose Patrol Boats, a LSS support unit called VULCANO, the TRIESTE amphibious assault LHD, also recently launched, and two new High Speed ​​Multi-purpose Naval Units (UNPAV) for COMSUBIN raiders.

After the release of 7,2 billions of euros by the Ministry of Agriculture in favor of the multi-year Defense programs, the Chief of Staff of the Navy Admiral Girardelli stated how, with these funds, it is possible to launch three fundamental programs for the modernization of the Fleet: the NFS (Near Future Submarine) project, aimed at replacing the last four SAURO class boats; the new unit for submarine rescue and underwater activities, intended to replace the ANTO; the new oceanographic ship that will have to replace the MAGNAGHI.

However, the most urgent need is to set up two new destroyers, as the two DDG currently in service - DURAND DE LA PENNE class - will have to be picked up by 2023. Currently we talk about the design of two fighters with a displacement of about 10.000 tons, equipped with VLS vertical launch cells, able to accommodate both ASTER 15 / 30 surface-to-air missiles, and the new surface-to-surface missiles, with land capacity attack SCALP NAVAL (video).

Images: Navy / MBDA